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About us

Welcome to my world of my handmade art happiness!  

Handmade containers made of cement/concrete and then we arrange them into a final product which we first fill with wax. The wax we use to make the candles is pure soy and coconut wax, natural without artificial additives. We also use beautiful scents that will fill the air in the room where you will be using the candle.

My name is Maria and I am the girl who is always positive, loves nature and art and wants to get the best out of life!
I invite you to discover my regular dose of happiness with mmcreations.
Free mind craftswoman follow a unique and carefully handmade concrete crafts.
With ordering some of my handmade crafts you will enjoy a rich taste embedded in a unique experience.
Follow your curiosity and join me in the artistic side of life!
Love MM

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